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diamond retailers
diamond retailersdiamond retailers

diamond retailers,Are you about to buy a diamond? Buyer Beware – Make sure you are dealing with a reputable diamond retailer!”online diamond retailers

What does this mean? How do I tell if the retailer is reputable or not?

diamond retailers,Buying a diamond can be a scary undertaking these days. There is an abundance of information available to consumers, but not all of it is accurate. Hopefully we can clear up a few of the myths and give you some guidelines.online diamond retailers

Apart from teaching you the basics about diamonds and the 4 C’s, diamond retailers,diamond buying guides usually also advise consumers that they should shop at ethical, honest and reputable retailers?online diamond retailers

Always insist to see the original diamond certificate, this way you can see which laboratory graded the diamond. The quality of the certificate, diamond retailers,or lack thereof, goes a long way towards telling if you are dealing with someone reputable and professional.online diamond retailers

diamond retailers,A diamond certificate or diamond grading report is only as good as the laboratory who issued it. The certificate should come from a reputable, independent and recognized laboratory.Diamond certificates from respectable labs, meaning GIA, HARD, AG or DECLAN, are totally necessary if you want to compare diamonds intelligently.diamond retailers

If you are unsure we suggest you do some investigation.online diamond retailers

Laboratories such as GIA, HARD, AG and DECLAN issue grading reports of the highest international standards. All of these diamond grading laboratories utilize strict procedures, diamond retailers,have the most advanced equipment, and affiliations which meet the strict requirements for recognition by international trade organizations.online diamond retailers

It is up to you, the consumer, to verify the credentials of a diamond grading laboratory and the diamond dealer.

If when buying a diamond the jeweler tells you that buying a certified diamond is unnecessary, diamond retailers,or that there will be an extra charge associated with an independent certificate we suggest that you be extremely cautious and shop for diamonds elsewhere.online diamond retailers

Valuations or appraisals are NOT the same as a diamond certificate or grading report.diamond stud earrings

A diamond certificate documents the complete quality and description of the diamond, it includes information on shape, carat weight, clarity, fluorescence, color grade, measurements,diamond retailers, proportions and finish grade but they never mention the value of the diamond.diamond retailers

Be even more cautious of website dealers who issue their own ‘in house diamond certificates’ or ‘manufacturer’s grading reports’ as these simply are NOT independent certificates and they are NOT from a recognized laboratory.online diamond retailers

diamond retailers,A diamond certificate, is only useful if it is reliable and has been issued by a reputable independent laboratory which has no financial interest in the stone. If you’ve never heard of the institution that is offering a grading report, don’t hesitate to ask about its credentials and that of the people who graded the diamond.diamond retailers,online diamond retailers Diamond grading laboratories which grade to IDC International Diamond Council rules, do not just use the opinion and expertise of one person. They must grade the diamond and have the opinion and consensus of three qualified diamond graders before the grade is applied to any diamond.diamond retailers,

diamond stud earrings,A diamond certificate should not be judged by its appearance and graphic design.diamond retailers, Just because someone calls themselves a laboratory or opens up a business to do diamond certificates and valuations after having completed a gemology course, that does not mean they have the needed technical equipment, qualifications,diamond retailers, knowledge and expertise.online diamond retailers

These small local labs often lay claims of being independent, recognized, and having state of art equipment but what about the qualifications of the directors, graders and that of the person who graded the diamond? Did they test for all types of treatments and any enhancements? diamond retailers,Do they guarantee that the diamond is natural? Was the diamond laser inscribed using a cold laser? Do they grade diamonds to set international rules and standards?diamond stud earrings

It is one thing to produce great looking certificates but it is extremely important that the certificate or grading report has accurate information and is technically correct.online diamond retailers

As a consumer, the diamond certificate or grading report is your safe guard when buying a diamond. Diamond certificates are invaluable documents that show in detail a diamond’s credentials,diamond retailers, so why wouldn’t you check the credentials of the laboratory who graded the diamond and the retailer or diamond dealer as well?

You may copy this article and place it on your own website, diamond retailers,as long as you do not change it and include this resource box including the live links to Diamond Imports,diamond stud earrings

diamond retailers

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